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Azrael Costumes

This section is to display anything and everything that has to do with Azrael costumes.  I plan to start sculpting and casting my own Azbats armor soon.  I plan to make both Azbats costumes as well as the Azrael 2 armor!  If you have any costumes that you attempted to create, I will display them here!

Some helpful links of mask creation are bellow:

Monster Makers

Helmet and Armor Casting

I have created a maquette of the final Azbats helmet. I used the plasticine clay I found at Michael's. Here are a couple of shots, including a mimic of the Showcase 94 Number 10! Keep in mind this is a rough sculpt, but I wanted to show my progress. Sculpting this helmet, I understand more of Joe Quesada's design.

I was browsing the net one day, and found this picture of a homemade Knightsend Azbats costume.  This costume is the coolest thing I've ever seen!  I will hopefully find out who made this, and give credit where it is due.  Anyway, good job whoever made this!

Also here is a video of the same suit in action at the San Diego Comic-Con in 1998.