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Fan Fiction

Here you will be able to read Azrael and Azbats fan fiction, including my alternate ending to Knightsend! If you have any fan fiction you've written about Azrael or Azbats I'll post it here. Knightsend Alternate was written when I was still in the middle of reading Knightsend. I basically was so enthralled by the story, I tried to guess what was going to happen in the next issue. Knightsend Alternate was what I thought was going to happen. I came pretty close, seeing as how Knightsend had ended and Prodigal became a reality!



By Jek Tezak

    The tunnel was dark and he was looking for the caped crusader.  He was looking for Batman.  "No, " he said, "I am the Batman!"  The armored figure stood tall scanning the dark network of tunnels that lay ahead.  This armored figure was the new Batman, the one who destroyed Bane!  Bane, the bastard that made his life a living hell!  Bane, the one who broke Bruce Wayne's back.  The mecha-Batman crouched and moved slowly towards the new tunnels.  The tips of the glider fins scraped along the roof of the large Bat cave tunnel.  Frustrated by this the new Batman crouched even further downward, till he was scraping the bottom tips of his fins along the floor of the Bat cave tunnel.  The new Batman looked across at the new tunnels, trying to guess which one was the one the original Batman would go into.  The armored Batman leaned towards the ground to see if there were footprints or crawl marks.  He spoke aloud to the built-in computer in his helmet, "Night lenses!"  Using the night vision, he looked around on the ground and noticed crawl marks and footprints leading into each of these tunnels.  Growing even angrier, the New Batman yelled to his helmet computer, "Thermograph!"  The armored Batman's helmet view screen turned from green light to a blue light.  He looked to the right but there were no signs of heat trails.  He looked to the left, and noticed that his view screen showed little spots of yellow and red riddled into the far left tunnel.  That's where the original Batman went!  The man beneath the armor became excited that his equipment was working properly.  His helmets supersonic hearing devices picked up the original Batman's panting.  The man beneath the armor was formerly known as Azrael, the angel assassin.  He used to be a regular man, Jean Paul Valley.  When Bane broke Bruce Wayne's back, Jean Paul was asked to take over.  It was his job to be Batman now.  It was his duty now, to show Gotham real justice.  It was his job to destroy the wicked, and punish them with the new Batman's sword!  He knew Bruce Wayne was not fully recovered from his injuries from Bane.  Azrael also knew that Bruce Wayne was weak from earlier battles on the Gotham Bridge and Selkirk's penthouse.  Azrael was Batman now, and he would punish Bruce Wayne for trying to interfere with this sacred crusade!  "I can hear you breathing, " yelled Azbats!  He started into the tunnel but his armor was too thick to crawl in after Bruce.  "Damn, the armor makes it impossible to move, " said Azbats!  The Azrael-Batman began removing the huge glider of his back.  He disengaged the rest of the armor from his body.  Leaving only the under suit and the helmet on, Azbats crawled into the tunnel Bruce Wayne crawled into.  The blue on his view screen did not give any indication of how small the tunnel was.  Azbats stopped and called into his helmet again, "Night lenses!"  The view screen changed back to the dimly lit green that is was when he first entered the tunnel.  Azbats crawled further into the tunnel to engage his prey.


    Bruce Wayne crawled to the end of the tunnel and into a small cavern with no exit.  No exit, but the one his father made above the original Batman's head.  Along time ago Bruce Wayne fell into this hole and encountered a bat, the very symbol of what he is today.  Bruce looked above his head at the wooden baffle his father placed there.  Bruce knew that if he pulled hard enough on it, that it would give.  Bruce waited patiently with his night lenses intact.  He could see sunlight peeking through the boards.   Bruce could see the armored head of his protégé' coming into view.  Batman reached up to his mask and removed his night lenses.  He could barely make out a figure standing in front of him.  "Take off the helmet Jean Paul, so we can talk, " said Batman.  "No, " said Azbats standing firm in his fighting stance!  Azbats with his night lenses still on, took another step forward towards Batman, until he was under the wooden baffle.  "Very well then, " said Batman as he pulled the baffle down from the cave ceiling.  Sunlight poured in onto Azbats, as he started to scream in agony from within the helmet!  "Aaaaa, the light, turn off the light, " screamed Azbats!!  Batman stood firm in the darkness as Azrael-Batman was drowned in the purity of the sunlight.  "Take off the helmet, " said Batman.  The young man fell to his knees and threw the helmet off into the cavern walls!  The burned-red helmet rolled across the cavern floor back into the light sparking and smoking from all the damage it had taken in the past few weeks!  The young man's blonde hair draped over his shoulders as he held his hands over his eyes.  "I'm blind, " said Jean Paul Valley!  Batman stood still back in the darkness thinking of what to say.  Jean Paul Valley leaned over clutching his face.  Batman walked over to the young man holding his face from the sunlight.  "Along time I fell through that hole... I really never stopped falling, " said Batman.  Jean Paul removed his hands from his face and slowly opened his eyes.  The looming figure of the original Batman stood tall in the sunlight over the young man.  Jean Paul looked up at the Batman and asked, "Are you going to take me to the police?"  Batman put a hand on Jean Paul's shoulder, "I don't know."  Jean Paul was himself again; The System wasn't in control of him for now.  Jean Paul thought about all that had happened up until this point.  The youth became annoyed at the Batman's response.  "You don't know, what's that mean, " asked Jean Paul?  The Batman removed his hand from Jean Paul's shoulder and stepped back into the shadows.  Jean Paul sat up and looked through the sunlight towards the dark to see where the Batman went.  The blonde youth became angered that the Batman was ashamed of him.  "You asked me to do this remember, " said Jean Paul?  Jean Paul scanned through the sunlight searching for the Batman.  "I did not ask you to take a life, Jean Paul, " said the Batman's booming voice from the back of the cave.  Jean Paul felt as if the Batman did not want to forgive him for his mistakes.  "Oh, I see, the almighty hero cannot forgive a mistake, " said Jean Paul angered.  Batman stayed in his darkness as Jean Paul rose to his feet in the sunlight.  "I am sorry that I let Abattoir and Graham Echison die.  I did not mean for anyone to die.  I tried my best, and I am sorry that I am not you, " said Jean Paul.  Jean Paul felt worthless and sad under his anger.  He spoke the truth about his mistakes and wanted Batman's forgiveness.  "I have never taken a life, " said Batman from his shadows.  Jean Paul's face grew blank at the familiar statement.  "So your going to punish me now, is that it, " asked Jean Paul?  Batman emerged from the darkness into the sunlight again.  "If I don't who will you kill next, " asked Batman?  Jean Paul stepped back into his fighting stance, "You act as if I meant to kill them, as if I wrapped my hands around their throats!!"  Batman did not speak he just stood there.  "You bastard, you used me, and now that I've done all your dirty work, you want me to pay for your mistakes, " yelled Jean Paul in his fighting stance!!!  Batman stepped towards Jean Paul to comfort him, but Jean Paul shot out a lead jab at Batman's face!  Batman fell back onto the cavern ground.  Jean Paul stayed ready for a counter attack.  "You should never have crossed me Bruce, you don't throw people away, like you throw away money, " said Jean Paul staring wide-eyed down at the Batman.  Bruce Wayne pulled back the Batman cowl, and stood up.  "I thought this would happen, I only tried to help, " said Bruce.  Without another word, Jean Paul jumped out of the hole in Bruce Wayne's yard and ran off into the daylight!


    It had been weeks since the last time Bruce Wayne had seen Jean Paul Valley.  Bruce sat at his kitchen table and pondered what he could do next.  Bruce thought about all he had been through.  He thought about the Arkham Asylum breakout and Bane in his home.  Bruce stood in his slacks and five hundred dollar shirt and walked about the ruins of Wayne Manor.  Bruce had cleaned up a little but could not clean as well as Alfred.  Bruce wished he knew where his old friend was.  Bruce kept pacing back and forth in his kitchen.  Bruce did not want to sit down, because he felt afraid he wouldn't be able to walk again.  "Stupid, " he thought to himself.  The thought of becoming paralyzed from sitting down was ridiculous.  He knew why he thought this way.  Dr. Shondra Kinsolving healed him with psychic powers.  Powers that seamed unreal.  Powers that possibly could stop working at any second.  Bruce worried Shondra's healing would wear off.  Bruce thought about Shondra's sacrifice. She had paid the price for healing Bruce.  Shondra's mind had been reduced to that of a child's.  If not for Shondra, he would have never been Batman again.  Bruce was disgusted at this thought because Batman was the least of his worries now.  He had reclaimed the mantle of the bat, but now he felt like it was a mistake.  He knew Jean Paul went crazy fighting the evil of the night.  Somewhere deep inside, Bruce felt that Jean Paul was right to destroy the evil.  Jean Paul as Batman had brought crime down forty-two percent in Gotham City.  Had Bruce made a mistake trying to take back the mantle of the bat?  Was Bruce sure with himself about becoming Batman again?  All his life Bruce Wayne was sure about things.  Even Batman was sure about things.  Things were different now.  Bruce was different now.  Batman was different now.  Bruce's thoughts wandered in many directions, he couldn't concentrate on a single thought.  Bruce grit his teeth trying to single out a thought.  Bruce closed his eyes, and then he opened them.  He walked into his TV room, and searched for the remote.  He found the remote on his sofa.  Bruce clicked on the TV and began watching a news report.  Bruce sat on his sofa transfixed on the television.  He wanted to see what was new with the world.


     Jean Paul wandered through the dark alleyways of Gotham City.  He didn't know where he was going.  It seemed the system was carrying him to a new destination.  Jean Paul was aware of what he was wearing, and he felt he needed some real clothes.  He didn't have any money, and he hadn't slept in three days.  Jean Paul was still angry at what happened in the Bat cave.  "How dare Bruce Wayne brush me aside like one of his criminals," thought Jean Paul!  Jean Paul looked up towards the sky, and noticed a clothesline strung across the two buildings he was between.  Jean Paul leapt up onto the fire escape ladder that was nearby.  He climbed up half way and removed a shirt and a pair of pants off the laundry line.  Jean Paul jumped down off the fire escape and landed on the ground as quietly as a cat would.  Jean Paul removed the under suit from the Azbats armor and put on the pants and shirt.  "Better, " he said to himself quietly.  Jean Paul knew he couldn't walk around with a partial Bat suit on.  He rolled up the under suit and tucked it under his arm.  Jean Paul noticed a trash dumpster at the end of the alley.  Jean Paul walked up to the dumpster and opened the lid.  He searched the contents of the trash bin and pulled out a plastic bag.  He took the rolled under suit and shoved it into the plastic bag.  Jean Paul tied a knot in the plastic bag, and slung it over his shoulder.  Jean Paul looked out onto the busy Gotham City street as he started across to the other side.


    Tim Drake was asleep in his room as usual.  He was always sleeping in after his big night battles with Batman's foes.  He was Batman's partner, Robin and he was worn out from chasing down Arkham inmates.  Bane was the one who caused the Arkham Breakout.  It would be a long while before everything would be normal again.  Tim knew how powerful Bane was, he had faced Bane twice before.  Tim remembered how Bane had broken Killer Croc's arms twice.  Tim wondered where Killer Croc was now.  No one had heard anything about Croc in weeks.  Tim sat up and scratched his head.  He looked out his window and seen it was midday.  There was a knock at his door.  "Tim, son are you awake, " asked Jack Drake through the door?  Tim got out of bed and walked over to the door.  He opened it and smiled at his dad.  "Hiya pops, good morning, " said Tim.  Jack Drake sat in his wheel chair pleased to see his son's smile.  "I say you and me take a stroll this fine day Timothy, " said Jack.  Tim smiled and replied, "Sure dad, let me get a shower."  Jack Drake wheeled himself towards the living room as Tim closed the door to take a shower.


    Dusk had come sooner than expected.  The police headquarters was a little quiet with most of the arkham inmates captured.  Commissioner Gordon waited atop the roof of the precinct.  He had visited this same spot for weeks, wondering what had happened to the Batman.  He knew the armored Batman wasn't the real Batman.  He seen the real Batman fight this stand-in.  The armored Batman's actions were questionable.  Graham Etchison died because of this man.  Abattoir was left for dead as well.  Gordon sat thinking about the recent events.  "You look upset, " said a voice from the shadows?  Gordon turned around to see the Batman walking towards him.  "Finally, do you know how long I've been waiting up here, " asked Gordon?  "I'm sorry, I had someone stand in for me for a while, " said Batman.  Gordon pushed his glasses back up on his nose.  "I don't really know what to say old friend, except I don't agree with what you did, " Gordon said.  Batman held his head low.  "I know and I'm sorry about everything, " said Batman.  Batman turned around and walked to the edge of the police headquarters building.  Gordon walked up to Batman and put a hand on his shoulder.  "I am damn glad your back though, " said Gordon.  Batman looked up at Gordon and seen how sincere he was.  "It's good to be back, but I don't feel the same, " said Batman.  Gordon smiled as he removed his hand off of Batman's shoulder.  "That's what vacation does to you old man, " said Gordon.  Batman turned to face Gordon.  "For what it's worth, I'm back, " said Batman sadly as he leapt off the roof of the building and disappeared into the darkness.


    The East River moved with a silent fury as the full moon shown brightly in Gotham's night sky.  Killer Croc emerged from the murky depths of the river and ascended onto one of Gotham's back roads.  "Bane, I shall have my revenge on you soon, " said Killer Croc.  The green-scaled monster roamed the back roads to find some food.  A scuffling noise rattled a few trashcans in a nearby alley.  Killer Croc leapt forward running towards the alley.  Croc stopped at the end of the alley searching for his prey.  A few moments later a large hairy rat scurried across the alley and under a large dumpster.  "AH HA, there you are my plump friend, " yelled Croc!  Killer Croc threw the dumpster out of the way with one arm and swiped up the rat with the other!  The rat squealed as Croc tightened his grip on the fuzzy rodent.  "You will pay Bane, you will pay, " yelled Croc!  Croc tightened his grip on the rat, as it popped from the pressure!  Croc shoved the bloody mess into his mouth and ran down the alley into the night!


     Morning had come to Gotham City, but as usual there was overcast.  Smog had taken most of the sunlight away.  It seemed as if the city's shadows had engulfed itself.  Bruce Wayne was sitting at his favorite table at one of Gotham's many outside delis.  Bruce Wayne was waiting for Tim Drake to show up and have lunch with him.  Bruce looked tired.  He waited patiently for his young friend.  Bruce Wayne stopped a waitress that walked by his table.  "Miss, has Mr. Tim Drake arrived yet, " asked Bruce Wayne?  The waitress looked up and over towards the street where a young man with dark hair stepped from a taxi.  Bruce stood up and looked over to where the woman was looking.  "Tim, over here, " said Bruce.  Tim Drake waved towards Bruce as he approached the table.  "Long time no see Bruce, " said Tim sarcastically.  The waitress looked at Tim and asked, "Can I get you anything?"  Tim smiled and said, "I think I'll have an ice tea."  The waitress left to get Tim's drink.  Tim's face dropped from a smile to a worried look.  "You say Jean Paul left, " asked Tim?  Bruce held his head low as if ashamed again.  "Yes.  I tried to stop him, but I only made it worse, " said Bruce.  "Becoming Batman was the worse thing for him.  The System will never forgive him for it, " said Bruce.  "You can't blame yourself; you didn't know this was going to happen, " said Tim.  Bruce looked up at Tim.  "Wrong, it's all my fault. I started Batman. I handed over Batman, and a young man paid for it with his sanity, " said Bruce sadly.  Bruce held his head low once more.  "Don't you think we should go find him, " asked Tim?  Bruce shook his head, "No. Let’s leave our masks off for today.  I miss being human."  Tim sat with Bruce while the waitress arrived with Tim's drink.




    The Bat cave’s security systems were down due to the battles that had taken place in the cave.  Jean Paul Valley had done some recon earlier and watched Bruce leave.  This was the perfect chance to get some items and leave.  Jean Paul looked around for anything that would be of use.  Jean Paul noticed that Bruce had cleaned up his lair and smiled.  Jean Paul walked further into the cave past the giant keepsakes that Batman had littered the cave with.  Jean Paul walked past the giant penny and the giant dinosaur.  Jean Paul noticed something then that caught his eye.  He walked under the giant joker card towards a large metal case.  Inside the case was Jean Paul's damaged red Batman armor.  The whole suit was there, with the exception of the under suit.  The damaged helmet with its crack across the top was there.  The huge glider fins were there.  Jean Paul grew angry at the sight.  "I am a trophy to you now.  Although you forget old man, I defeated you, " said Jean Paul aloud!  Jean Paul held up the bag with the under suit from the Batman armor in it.  "Then you shall have this trophy in death, " yelled Jean Paul!  Jean Paul then smashed the sack into the glass case as it shattered into pieces.  Jean Paul dropped the sack into the casing with the rest of his armor.  Jean Paul turned around and headed towards the Batman's weapons room.  Jean Paul took one of the old Batman suits and a few weaponsJean Paul made his way upstairs into Wayne Manor.  He took some huge trash bags and put all the items he took from the cave.  Jean Paul filled another bag with some food.  He picked up both bags and headed back down into the Bat cave and out the way he came in.

     Night fell once again in Gotham City.  The night was alive with activity.  The alleys were dark.  The alleys were a perfect place for a criminal to hide and pounce on an unsuspecting victim.  Tony wanted to catch a helpless woman and grab her purse.  He could get himself some cool new shoes.  Tony waited till he noticed a lady in a tan sport coat walking towards his direction.  Tony was excited and could barely contain himself.  The lady with the tan sport coat passed in front of the alley.  Tony leapt out at the woman tackling her to the ground!  "Aaaaa, " the lady screamed!  Tony grabbed her purse and took off running!  Tony ran down the street and into another alley!  Tony stopped to check out what the lady had in her purse.  Tony pulled out a wallet that had one hundred fifty dollars in it.  "Ha ha, the big score baby, " said Tony shoving the wad into his pocket.  Just then, Batman dropped out of the sky on top of the young man!  "I am Batman and you shall pay for your transgressions, " said Batman.  The young man stood pulling a knife from his boot!  Batman stepped back ready for an attack.  Tony hopped forward slashing at the Batman!  The Batman smiled at the young criminal.  "I will enjoy killing you, " the Batman said almost laughing.  The Batman charged towards the young man with the knife and threw a left hook into his jaw!  The young man flew backward slamming against the alley's walls!  Batman picked the criminal up breaking his arm!  The knife Tony held fell onto the ground.  Batman then threw a roundhouse kick to Tony's neck killing him instantly!  Tony's lifeless body dropped to the ground!  The lady with the tan sport coat walked around into the alley to see where her burglar had went.  "Aaaaa, " the lady screamed at the sight of Tony's broken dead body!  The lady in the tan sport coat noticed her purse on the ground.  She picked her purse up out of the pool of blood.  The lady looked up to see Batman on the roof turn around and disappear from view.


     Bruce Wayne came downstairs in his mansion.  Bruce had just taken a shower, and wanted see what was on TV.  Bruce picked up his remote and switched the channel to the news.  "Shocking news today, " the lady on the news said.  "Witnesses say that this young man, Tony Marelli was murdered tonight in this Gotham alleyway, " the lady continued.  Bruce sat there drying his hair with his towel.  The lady went on explaining the events that happened earlier that evening.  "The most shocking part of this news is that witnesses say that this young man was killed by Batman, " said the newswoman!  Bruce's face turned pale as he looked up at the TV.  "We will have further updates on this as the police conduct a full investigation, " ended the newswoman.  Bruce Wayne stared off into space wondering if what he just heard was true or a sick joke by the media.  "No, this can't be possible, " said Bruce aloud.  Bruce scratched his head; he didn't know what to think.  Then Bruce looked toward one of his secret entrances to the Bat cave.  "Oh my god, " said Bruce.  Bruce opened the secret entrance behind his clock and ran down into the Bat cave!  Bruce switched on the lights in the Bat cave and looked around.  Bruce walked toward the back of the cave and under the huge joker card.  He slowly approached the shattered glass case that he put Jean Paul's damaged armor in.  "No, " Bruce whispered to himself.  Bruce knew then that Jean Paul was totally insane.


    Tim Drake was in his living room flipping through channels on his television.  "I hate channel surfing, " Tim said to himself.  A few moments later Tim flipped to the news station.  "Batman a killer? We'll find out tonight on news five, " said the newswoman.  Tim's eyes widened as he sat up on the couch.  Tim looked over at the phone and picked it up.  He dialed Bruce Wayne's number.  Tim prayed that Bruce was there.  "Hello, Tim, " asked Bruce?  Tim was relieved that Bruce was home.  "Thank goodness your home, " said Tim.  "Yes. I saw the news. I knew you'd call, " said Bruce.  "What do you think is going on, " asked Tim?   "Jean Paul has gone over the edge Tim and it's my fault, " said Bruce.  Tim sat speechless on the other phone line.  "I'm going to look for him, " said Bruce.  "I'm sorry again. I should have told you about him earlier, " said Tim.  "It's not your fault Tim, " said Bruce.  "Your welcome to come along Tim, " said Bruce.  "You know I'm always game, " said Tim.  "Okay Tim, I'll wait for you, " said Bruce as he hung up his phone.  Tim hung up his phone and left for Bruce Wayne's house.


    Killer Croc squatted in a dark Gotham alleyway eating his recent rodent victim.  "I will devour your soul Bane as I devour this rat, " said Croc!  Killer Croc sank his teeth into his hairy victim.  "You know that is a rather repulsive habit, " said a voice from the shadows.  Killer Croc sat up dropping the remains of his furry snack!  "Who dares intrude on my dinner time, " asked Killer Croc?  "Oh did I offend you luggage man, " asked the voice?  Killer Croc grew angrier at the rude comments.  "Whoever you are, you will pay dearly for insulting me, " said Killer Croc!  A few seconds later, Batman appeared on the roof of the building behind Killer Croc.  "Up here my scaly friend, " said Batman.  Killer Croc spun around and looked up!  "So it's you, " said Killer Croc.  Batman smiled at the huge green monster.  "I'm not who you think I am, " said Batman.  Killer Croc folded his arms waiting to find out who this person really was.  "Well, who are you then, " Croc asked?  "You'll find it quite interesting, " said the Batman leaping off the roof!  Killer Croc didn't move as the Batman landed right in front of him.  "I am not Batman, but merely his stand in. He thought I was not good enough to fill in for him, " said Batman.  Killer Croc just smiled at the statement.  "You don't believe me, " asked Batman?  Killer Croc shook his head, "No, as a matter of fact, I don't."  Batman walked two steps toward Croc.  "You faced me a while ago, " said the Batman.  Killer Croc's smile faded into a confused look.  "I was Batman's stand in,” said Batman.  "This is all very amusing, but who are you then, " asked Killer Croc?  Batman smiled and replied, "I am the one called Azrael."  Batman turned around and looked up to the sky.  "I am the avenging angel assassin from the Order of Saint Dumas, " said Azrael in the Batman garb.  Azrael turned to face Killer Croc again.  "You will join forces with me, and in return I will give you Bane.  Bane, the man that humiliated you.  Bane, the freak I destroyed, "said Azrael.  Killer Croc scratched his head and asked, "So why should I do this for you?"  Azrael smiled under the Batman cowl.  "I figured you ask me that, " said Azrael.  Killer Croc smiled again.  Instantly, Azrael kicked Killer Croc in the chest and straight punched him in the face!  Killer Croc blindly swung at Azrael with a right cross, but Azrael flipped over Killer Croc landing behind him!  Azrael then kicked Killer Croc in the back of the knees as the green beast fell to a kneeling position!  Azrael then put Killer Croc in an ankle lock.  "You think Bane was bad, " asked Azrael?  "I will break every part of you, till you are a slimy puddle of green puss, " yelled Azrael!  Killer Croc writhed in pain from the lightning fast beating Azrael gave him.  "I will do as you wish, " said Croc in pain.  "How will I know you'll keep your word, " asked Croc?  Azrael released the ankle lock on Killer Croc.  "I will keep my word, " Azrael said.  Azrael then walked around to the front of Killer Croc lying on the floor.  Killer Croc looked up at Azrael who then reached his arm out to help him off the ground.  Killer Croc reluctantly gave him his arm as Azrael pulled him up off the ground.  "I will break Bane out of Black gate prison myself, " said Azrael.  Killer Croc rubbed the back of his neck, "Well since you put it that way."  Killer Croc smiled and reached out to shake Azrael's hand.  Azrael shook Croc's hand and smiled.


     The new Bat mobile sped down a shady Gotham back road and headed towards its destination.  Batman scanned the streets carefully as his passenger; Robin punched the coordinates into the Bat mobile computer.  "I really hope we are both wrong about this Batman, " said Robin.  Batman glanced over at Robin, "Why do you say that?"  Robin's face looked worried, "Jean Paul is one tough customer."  Batman shook his head, "I know, we'll have to be extra careful."  "He tried to kill me the last time I stopped him, " said Robin.  Batman kept his eyes on the road this time, "Don't worry we can handle it."  Robin looked over at Batman.  "Can we, " asked Robin?  Batman smirked not taking his eyes off the road, "I hope so."  The Bat mobile sped off into the night.

     Downtown Killer Croc had arrived at Joe's Gun Shop.  Killer Croc looked around for anything that would do damage.  His sight was fixed on a motorcycle parked in front of the bar next to the gun store.  Killer Croc walked over to the motorcycle and lifted it over his head.  Killer Croc then tossed the motorbike through the front store window of Joe's Gun Shop!  The bike crashed to the ground inside the shop!  A few people screamed when they noticed Killer Croc standing in plain view.  Killer Croc turned to see people walking out of the bar.  The bar patrons gasped at the sight of the green-scaled menace.  Killer Croc turned to look at one of the many mailboxes that lined the sidewalk.  Croc then ripped one of the mailboxes out of the concrete and threw it into the street!  "Come on people, aren't you gonna call Batman, " asked Killer Croc?  Croc ripped another mailbox out of the ground and threw at a car speeding down the street!  "Go on, call your Batman, " yelled Killer Croc!  The sound of sirens got Killer Croc's attention.  Killer Croc ripped another mailbox and held it in his hands.  "Okay coppers, come get some, " said Killer Croc!  A police car came fishtailing around the corner onto the street where Killer Croc was!  The police car stopped two feet from Killer Croc.  "Special delivery, " yelled Croc as he tossed the mailbox at the squad car!

Batman and Robin stood in the alley where young Tony Marelli was murdered.  "I can't find one clue Batman, " said Robin.  Batman looked around with his miniature flashlight trying to find clues.  "It would make sense if this was Jean Paul.  We trained him all too well, " said Batman.  "You don't think he would leave a single clue behind, " asked Robin?  Batman shook his head, "No. He would cover his tracks. We are wasting our time."  Batman put his flashlight in his utility belt and walked over to the Bat mobile.  Batman switched on the Bat mobile's police scanner.  "Disturbance at Joe's Gun Shop. Suspect identified as Killer Croc, " said the dispatcher.  Batman looked over at Robin, "Let's go."  Batman and Robin jumped into the Bat mobile and headed towards downtown!

Back at Joe's Gun Shop, Killer Croc continued his carnage.  Croc had pulled the police officer out of his car.  The cop had been beaten severely by Killer Croc.  Killer Croc smashed the windows of the squad car and stood on top of the roof of the vehicle.  A few seconds later, the Bat mobile squealed to a halt in front of Joe's Gun Shop!  "I'm glad you decided to show up Batman, " yelled Killer Croc!  Batman and Robin jumped out of the Bat mobile ready for action!  "All right Croc stop this madness now, " said Batman.  Robin extended his bo and moved around to Croc's right side.  Batman walked over to Croc's left side closing off any escape for the scaly beast.  Killer Croc laughed at the attempt to seal him in a corner.  "You’re not taking me down Batman, " said Croc confidently.  Batman stood his ground, "Give up Croc there is no where to go."  Killer Croc smiled at Batman and then turned to face Robin.  Croc then leaped from the damaged squad car and tackled Robin to the ground!  Robin fought to get Killer Croc off his chest.  Batman jumped on top of the police car and onto Croc's back!  "Let him up Croc, " yelled Batman!  Killer Croc stepped of Robin's chest and threw Batman off his back onto the street!  "Is that the best you got Batman, " asked Killer Croc?  Batman and Robin staggered to their feet as Killer Croc grabbed Robin by the throat!  Batman looked up to see Killer Croc throw Robin against the building beside the bar and hit the ground!  "Robin, " screamed Batman!  Robin lay unconscious in the road.  Killer Croc grinned as he ran down the alley behind Joe’s Gun Shop!  Batman lifted Robin off the street and carried him to the Bat mobile.  “Hang on my friend, “ said Batman.  Batman sat the young Robin up inside in the Bat mobile and put the seat belt across his chest.  Batman hopped into the Bat mobile and sped away towards the nearest hospital!


    Azrael stood outside Black gate Prison ready to break Bane out.  Azrael kneeled to open a large black case at his feet.  He flipped the lid open and took out a Stinger missile launcher.  Azrael got to his feet and loaded a missile into the launcher.  “Now Batman you will relive your nightmare once more, “ said Azrael aiming the launcher at Bane’s cell.  “Azrael, “ called out a ghost-like voice.  Azrael took the launcher off his shoulder and looked behind him.  “Where are you? Show yourself, “ commanded Azrael!  “You have perverted the ways of the Order of Saint Dumas, “ said the voice.  Azrael grew angry, “How dare you interrupt me foolish spirit!”  Azrael shook his fist to the sky as the specter of Saint Dumas appeared in the sky before him!  “You are the one who is foolish young warrior, “ said the apparition.  “Go to hell, “ yelled Azrael!  Azrael aimed the Stinger missile at the floating specter and fired!  The missile flew into the air and arched back toward the ground exploding on the side of a mountain!  The explosion set off the alarms in the prison!  “You will be judged harshly for your crimes against the righteous, for you are a betrayer of the Order, “ exclaimed the spirit!  Pain throbbed in Azrael’s head!  Azrael fell to his knees, holding his head screaming, “Damn you Saint Dumas!  Damn you to the fiery pits of hell!”  The spirit vanished from the sky above Azrael.  The pain in Azrael’s head subsided as he grabbed the Stinger launcher and reloaded it.  “To hell, “ said Azrael as he fired the Stinger missile at the prison!  The prison walls shook and exploded, starting fires everywhere!  Azrael walked through the damaged fence and up to what was left of Bane’s cell.  Azrael waved his hand to clear the black smoke from his view.  “Bane, you are free demon, “ said Azrael.  Bane appeared from the dark smoke just as the spirit of Saint Dumas did a few moments earlier.  “Who are you, “ asked Bane?  Azrael grinned, “I am the pretender, the Batman that defeated you.”  Bane’s eyes widened, “You!”  “You must help me destroy the real Batman for good, “ said Azrael.  Bane looked confused for a moment, then smiled.  “So the pretender wishes revenge on the bat as well, “ asked Bane?  Azrael grew impatient, “We must go now, if you wish to escape!”  Bane nodded his head and ran out the smoky hole in the wall to his freedom.  Azrael followed behind Bane leaving the destroyed prison behind them.


    Commissioner Gordon paced atop the Gotham City Police Headquarters building waiting for the Batman to show up.  The signal had been lit for over and hour and a half.  Gordon wondered if what he had heard was true.  The Batman was a murder?  Commissioner Gordon didn’t want to believe the rumors.  “I am sorry I didn’t show up sooner, “ said Batman from the shadows.  Gordon turned around to see Batman perched on the wall behind him.  “Where the hell have you been, “ asked Gordon?  Batman held his head low.  “Robin was hurt, I took him to the hospital, “ said Batman sadly.  “How is he, “ asked Gordon concerned?  Batman shook his head, “He is in a coma.”  Gordon’s jaw dropped in awe, “Good Lord.”  Batman walked up to Gordon and looked him in the eye.  “What have I done?  I thought I could handle it all.  I guess I was wrong, “ said Batman.  Gordon stood there speechless.  “I didn’t kill Tony Marelli.  You have to believe me, “ said Batman.  “I do friend, “ said Gordon.  Batman held his head low again and placed an arm on Gordon’s shoulder.  “Are you alright friend, “ asked Gordon?  Batman nodded, “Yeah, I just wasn’t ready for all this again.”  Batman stood up and removed his arm from Gordon’s shoulder.  Gordon looked at Batman empathetically.  “Your not going to like what I’m going to say next, “ said Gordon.  Batman looked up at Gordon with a worried look.  “There was an attack on Black gate.  Someone broke Bane out of prison, “ said Gordon.  Batman’s eyes widened at the statement, “No.  I can’t handle him now.”  Batman held a hand on his forehead thinking of a new plan.  Gordon turned around and looked down at the street.  “Well don’t worry friend your not alone on this one.  I have my men conducting a full investigation, “ said Gordon.  There was no reply from Batman.  Commissioner Gordon turned around to see Batman’s face, but Batman was gone.

    Azrael and Bane walked down a dark alley that came to a dead end.  Bane faced Azrael and looked confused.  “What’s this, “ asked Bane?  Azrael smiled and walked over to the rear wall and leaned against it.  “I’m waiting for someone, “ said Azrael.  Bane glared at Azrael.  “I don’t trust you, “ said Bane.  Azrael stood up from his leaning position.  “A demon wants trust, “ asked Azrael?  Bane got the feeling he was walking into a trap.  “Hello meat puppet, “ said a voice from behind Bane.  Bane turned around to face Killer Croc!  “This is a trap, “ exclaimed Bane!  Azrael smiled, “How observant.”  Killer Croc slashed at Bane!  Bane took a few steps back and threw a few punches at Croc!  Azrael smiled as he walked away.


    Batman had been cruising the Gotham Streets looking for any sign of Azrael, Bane, or Killer Croc.  Batman was still worried about Robin.  Robin was in a coma because of Killer Croc.  Batman knew that Azrael wanted revenge and this was it.  Batman turned on his police scanner again.  “Disturbance on Wilshire, “ said the dispatcher.  Batman switched off the scanner.  He was only a few blocks from the disturbance.  Batman put the Bat mobile on high speed as he raced to his next destination!


     Bane and Killer Croc had made their way out onto the street.  Traffic had been jammed due to Croc and Bane’s battle.  Bane hit Killer Croc with a body blow!  Killer Croc hunched over and fell to the ground.  Bane stood over Croc confident, waiting for the green monster’s next move.  Killer Croc rubbed his gut and then punched Bane in the groin!  Bane clutched his crotch and fell backward in pain.  Croc got to his feet still rubbing his gut.  “You better put up a better fight than that Bane, “ said Croc.  Bane sneered at Killer Croc and stood up in a fighting stance.  “Prepare to meet your end, “ said Bane.  Bane tackled Killer Croc to the ground, beating him in the face repeatedly!


   The Bat mobile skidded to a halt and Batman jumped out!  “Don’t move you two, “ said Batman!  Bane discontinued beating on Croc and rose to his feet.  “Ah, there you are. The pretender did come through with his promise, “ said Bane.  Batman looked confused, “What are you talking about Bane?”  Bane clutched his fists tightly and took a step towards Batman.  “He said he was your stand in, and that he would deliver you to me, “ said Bane.  Batman knew that Jean Paul Valley was to blame for all this havoc.  “Come Batman, I will destroy you forever this time, “ said Bane.  Bane dove at Batman trying to tackle him as he did Killer Croc!  Batman rolled out of the way and Bane missed his target, hitting his head on the Bat mobile!  Batman got in his fighting stance, as Killer Croc grabbed Batman from behind in a headlock.  Batman gasped for air but Killer Croc tightened his grip.  Bane stood up and tackled Batman and Killer Croc to the ground!  Batman rolled off Killer Croc clutching his ribs.  Killer Croc stood up and so did Bane.  Killer Croc grabbed Bane and lifted him over his head!  “You wanna break something Bane, “ asked Croc?  Killer Croc threw Bane over the Bat mobile and onto the street!  Batman crawled behind the Bat mobile to catch his breath.  Bane stood up and jumped onto the hood of the Bat mobile!  “I will break you Killer Croc, and use your skin for a nice pair of boots, “ said Bane.  Killer Croc was enraged and tackled Bane!  Croc and Bane flew of the hood of the Bat mobile and onto the street!  Killer Croc repeatedly punched Bane in the face!  Bane tried to throw punches back, but Croc caught each arm and broke it!  “Aaaaaa, “ screamed Bane!  Killer Croc smiled at Bane, “Doesn’t feel so good now does it?”  Bane groaned in pain as he curled up in a ball.  Batman stood up from the back of the Bat mobile breathing heavy.  Killer Croc spun around to see Batman coming for him!  “Come on Batman, come catch me, “ said Killer Croc running down the street!  Batman looked down at Bane writhing in pain.  Batman jumped into the Bat mobile and took off down the street in pursuit of Killer Croc!


    Bane sat up gritting his teeth.  The pain of his broken arms was almost unbearable.  Bane stood to his feet staggering backward.  “So the demon no longer has fangs, “ asked a voice from behind Bane?  Bane turned around to see Azrael standing before him.  “I defeated the Batman, “ said Bane.  Bane fell to his knees moaning in pain.  Azrael kneeled to face Bane.  “But he lives and can always return again, “ said Azrael.  Bane looked up shocked at Azrael’s words.  “Perhaps you are the demon, “ said Bane.  Azrael grinned and broke Bane’s neck!  “Perhaps, “ said Azrael.


   The Bat mobile raced down the street after Killer Croc.  Killer Croc had a head start, but the Bat mobile was faster.  Batman caught up to Croc running down the street.  Croc had ducked into another alley.  Batman stopped the Bat mobile and opened the canopy.  Batman hopped out the car and chased after Killer Croc down the alley!  Killer Croc stopped running and turned around to face Batman.  “You want to fight me now Batman, “ asked Croc?  Batman whipped out two gas balls and tossed them on the ground in front of Killer Croc!  “Nope, “ said Batman.  Killer Croc gagged and coughed on the gas that invaded his lungs.  Batman looked on as Killer Croc fell to the ground unconscious!  Police cars swarmed the street where the Bat mobile was parked!  Batman walked over to his vehicle.  Commissioner Gordon exited one of the squad cars.  “Well I should have known you were on the job, “ said Commissioner Gordon.  Batman looked back at the alley where Killer Croc lay.  “Croc is down there, “ said Batman pointing down the alley.  Commissioner Gordon motioned to two of his police officers and they ran down the alley to get Killer Croc.  “And Bane, “ asked Commissioner Gordon?  Batman looked Gordon in the eye.  “Bane is down the street.  Killer Croc broke both of his arms, he’s not going anywhere, “ said Batman.  Just then an officer walked up to Commissioner Gordon.  “Sir, we found Bane.  He’s dead Sir, “ said the police officer.  Batman’s eyes widened, “What?”  Commissioner Gordon looked at Batman.  “Are you sure officer, “ asked Gordon?  “Yes, sir.  Both of his arms are broken and so is his neck, “ said the cop.  Batman rubbed his head, “What is going on here?”  Commissioner Gordon looked over to a squad car that had Killer Croc unconscious in the back seat.  Batman looked at Commissioner Gordon.  “Do you have any smelling salts, “ asked Batman?  Commissioner nodded and took some smelling salts out of his squad car.  “Thanks, “ said Batman taking the salts.  Batman then walked over and opened the car door to where Killer Croc was sitting restrained.  Batman opened the smelling salts and waved them under Killer Croc’s nose.  Killer Croc sniffed and grunted.  Croc then awoke as Batman removed the salts from under his nose.  “Batman, why didn’t you fight me, “ asked Croc?  Batman handed the salts to Commissioner Gordon and squatted on the ground beside the squad car.  “Did you kill Bane, “ asked Batman?  Killer Croc grinned, “I broke his arms. It was only fair, he broke mine twice.”  Batman scratched his head.  “Did you kill Bane, “ asked Batman again?  “No Batman, I broke Bane, “ said Croc.  Batman looked confused, “Who killed Bane?”  Killer Croc sat up in the squad car, “Oh it must have been my angel assassin friend.”  Batman’s eyes widened again, “Azrael.”  Killer Croc enjoyed seeing Batman in fear.  “Yep, that’s him, “ said Croc.  Batman stood up and turned to Commissioner Gordon.  “Who’s Azrael, “ asked Commissioner Gordon?  Batman held his head low, “He was my stand in.”  Gordon looked surprised at Batman’s words.  Batman looked up at Commissioner Gordon, “I’m sorry. I was injured and I needed everyone to think I was fine.”  Commissioner Gordon nodded, “I understand.”  Killer Croc smiled as Batman shut the squad car door in his face.  Batman walked over to his Bat mobile and Commissioner Gordon followed.  “Well, I guess that explains Batman’s weird behavior over the past few months, “ said Gordon.  Batman looked over to Gordon and smiled.  Gordon pushed his glasses further up on his nose.  “So what do we do about this Azrael character, “ asked Gordon?  Batman looked over at his Bat mobile, “I’m going to need some help.”  Commissioner Gordon waited patiently to see what Batman’s plan was.  Batman sat in his Bat mobile with the canopy open.  He pushed a few switches and spoke to the Bat mobile’s computer, “Nightwing, this is Batman.  Come in.”  Gordon walked around and leaned on the driver’s side door of the Bat mobile.  Batman spoke into the car computer again, “Nightwing this is Batman.  Please respond.”  A few moments later there was a confirmation beep from the computer.  “This is Nightwing Batman, go ahead, “ said a voice from the car computer.  Batman smiled and looked at Commissioner Gordon.  “I’m going to need your help again.  Azrael has resurfaced, “ said Batman.  “No problem Batman, “ said Nightwing.  Batman looked at Commissioner Gordon again.  “I’m going to end this madness once and for all, “ said Batman.  Commissioner Gordon took a few steps back from the Bat mobile.  The canopy of the Bat mobile slid closed as the vehicle drove off down the street.


   Back at the Bat cave, Batman and Nightwing stood at the Bat Computer.  “Where do you think he is, “ asked Nightwing?  Batman sat staring at the Bat computer, “I don’t know. I hope we can find out together.”  Nightwing rubbed his chin, “You don’t think he’ll show up here?”  Batman shook his head, “No he’s already been here.”  Batman pointed back toward the glass case that held the Azrael Batman armor.  Nightwing looked to where Batman pointed and walked over to the glass case.  “Wow, you save everything don’t you, “ asked Nightwing sarcastically?  Batman looked at Nightwing, “Yes. I guess I do.”  Just then the phone rang.  Batman looked at it and then at Nightwing.  “You think it’s him, “ asked Nightwing?  Batman picked up the phone, “Hello?”  “It’s me Jean Paul.  I have Robin.  Come to Liberty Island.  I’m going to show Robin the Statue of Liberty, “ said Azrael over the phone.  Batman closed his eyes wishing this was a bad dream.  “We’ll be waiting Batman, “ said Azrael.  Azrael hung up the other line.  Batman hung his line up and exhaled.  “He’s got Robin, “ said Batman.  Nightwing gritted his teeth, “Where?”  Batman stood up and walked into another tunnel that lead to the Bat boat’s resting place.  “Liberty Island.  He wants to see Lady Liberty, “ said Batman jumping into the Bat boat.  Nightwing followed Batman down the tunnel and jumped into the passenger side of the Bat boat.  Batman started the boat’s engine and opened the docking doors.  Batman hit the accelerator on the Bat boat. The boat ripped through the murky Bat cave waters and onto Gotham City harbor!

    The Bat boat sped closer and closer to Liberty Island.  The Statue of Liberty seemed to grow bigger and bigger the closer the Bat boat got to the island.  “I hope Robin is okay, “ said Nightwing standing in the Bat boat.  Nightwing grabbed the binoculars off his seat and peered through them at the Statue of Liberty.  Batman guided the boat closer towards the island and slowed down his speed.  “See anything yet, “ asked Batman?  Nightwing scanned the island and the statue carefully.  “Nothing yet, “ said Nightwing.  Nightwing focused in on the Lady Liberty’s torch.  “I found Robin.  He’s still unconscious.  He’s tied to the torch, “ said Nightwing.  Batman slowed the Bat boat as it came in contact with the island.  Nightwing tossed the binoculars onto his seat and grabbed the docking ropes.  Batman shut down the Bat boat’s motor and hopped onto the island.  Nightwing tied the dock ropes to a dock post and followed Batman to the statue’s entrance.


   Batman and Nightwing arrived at the Lady Liberty’s torch.  Robin was tied to the torch but was slumped over still unconscious.  “Where is Azrael, “ asked Nightwing?  Batman looked around, “I don’t know. Untie Robin quickly.”  Nightwing nodded and kneeled down besides Robin to untie him.  Batman looked over the edge of the torch at the Bat boat.  “This doesn’t make any sense, “ said Batman.  “Why not, “ asked Nightwing?  “Azrael wouldn’t let it be this easy, “ said Batman.  Nightwing smirked at Batman, “I think you give hammerhead to much credit.”  Suddenly Azrael fell from the top of the torch and landed in front of Nightwing!  “You think so, “ asked Azrael kicking Nightwing in the face?  Batman whirled around to see Nightwing fall against Robin's body!  “The angel versus the demon.  This shall be sweet, “ said Azrael in his fighting stance.  Nightwing got to his feet and continued to untie Robin.  “Get him out of here, “ said Batman to Nightwing.  Batman and Azrael stood their ground as Nightwing pulled Robin off Lady Liberty's torch.  Batman watched Nightwing carry Robin to safety.  “I cannot let you go this time Jean Paul, “ said Batman.  Azrael grinned, “And I cannot let you live.”  Batman and Azrael stood read in their fighting stances.  Suddenly Azrael hopped forward and kicked Batman in the chest!  Batman reeled backward and then regained his balance.  Azrael hopped forward again landing a lead jab into Batman’s face!  Azrael then followed up with a hook punch and a body blow!  Azrael ended his combination with a hook kick to Batman’s head!  Batman fell back against the torch and shuffled out of the way, as Azrael slid in with a sidekick!  Batman pivoted and spun around behind Azrael sending a karate chop to the back of Azrael’s neck!  Azrael spun around with a back fist to Batman’s face!  Batman attempted to bring another karate chop down on Azrael, but Azrael moved out of range!  Azrael countered with a wristlock into a chicken wing headlock.  “This angel will hammer your corpse into hell demon, “ yelled Azrael!  Batman stomped on Azrael’s foot and slammed his head backwards against Azrael’s face!  Azrael staggered backwards hitting the guardrail of the torch walkway!  Azrael grinned, “You have no choice.  You must kill me or I will live to kill everyone you know or love, “ said Azrael.  Batman stood up with a blank look on his face.  “Then we must die together, “ said Batman.  Azrael looked at Batman confused.  Batman knew this was the last decision he would ever make.  Then without warning, Batman leaped at Azrael tackling him over the edge of the torch’s guardrail!  Azrael and Batman fell through the air flailing!  At the bottom of the Statue of Liberty, Nightwing looked up to see his teacher and the madman hurling through the air!  “Oh my god, “ said Nightwing!  A few seconds later Batman and Azrael hit the island floor!  “NOOOO, “ screamed Nightwing!  Nightwing ran over to where Batman and Azrael landed!  Nightwing looked on in horror as he seen Batman and Azrael’s broken bodies.  Nightwing knew that the men had died instantly, but he wanted to check for life signs anyway.  Nightwing squatted to feel Azrael’s pulse.  There was no pulse from Azrael.  Nightwing walked over to his mentor’s body and squatted.  Nightwing hoped that Batman had survived.  He felt Batman’s pulse.  There was no pulse from Batman.  Tears started to flow from Nightwing’s eyes.  Nightwing knew what this meant.  It was over.  The Batman was dead.


   The morning sun was warm and it was a clear day in Gotham City.  Dick Grayson and Tim Drake stood over Bruce Wayne’s coffin.  Tim Drake recovered from his coma a few days earlier.  Dick was with Tim taking care of him when he awoke.  Tim had been told of the events and how Bruce died.  Dick and Tim stood in the Gotham Cemetery speechless.  The priest had left since giving his sermon.  Dick and Tim were alone.  They had been standing there for hours wondering what went wrong.  Dick held Tim’s shoulder and they both walked out of the Cemetery.  Dick and Tim walked over to the black Cadillac that once belonged to Bruce Wayne.  Alfred was waiting there and opened the door for Dick and Tim to get in the vehicle.  Alfred had heard the news of Bruce’s passing and returned to take care of Dick and Tim.  Alfred shut the door behind Dick and Tim and walked over to the driver’s door.  Alfred opened his door and got inside the car and drove out of the cemetery. 


   Dick Grayson and Tim Drake were sitting in the Wayne Manor living room.  The young men looked out the window at what seemed to be an endless day.  “What about Batman and Robin, “ asked Tim?  Dick Grayson looked over to Tim.  “I don’t know, “ said Dick.  Tim held his head low, “He would want us to continue on.”  Dick nodded, “I know.”  The sky outside Wayne Manor turned to dusk.  Alfred walked into the room and looked at Dick and Tim.  “You gentlemen have a call, “ said Alfred.  Dick and Tim looked confused at Alfred.  Alfred smiled as pointed out the window to the Bat signal shining in the sky.  Dick and Tim looked at each other.  Without another word the young men made their way down to the Bat cave.  Dick Grayson donned the Batman suit and Tim Drake donned the Robin suit.  Batman and Robin jumped into the Bat mobile and sped out of the cave as Alfred waved farewell to the caped crusaders!


   Commissioner Gordon awaited Batman at the top of police headquarters.  The Bat signal shined in the night sky.  “Sorry I’m late Commissioner, “ said Batman from the shadows.  Commissioner Gordon turned around stunned from Batman’s voice.  “You scared the hell out of me Batman, “ said Gordon.  Batman took a few steps towards Commissioner Gordon.  “I’m sorry to startle you Commissioner, “ said Batman.  Commissioner Gordon pushed his glasses back up on his nose.  “How is Robin, “ asked Gordon?  “I’m fine Commissioner, thanks for asking, “ said Robin emerging from the shadows.  Commissioner Gordon smiled at Robin.  “I’m glad your okay Robin, we’ve all been worried, “ said Gordon.  Commissioner Gordon turned to Batman. “Well let’s get down to business.  We’ve had a few disturbances at the Gotham Library, “ said Commissioner.  Batman nodded, “The Riddler?”  Commissioner Gordon shrugged, “We don’t know Batman. We were hoping you could help us find out.”  Batman nodded, “We will do all we can Commissioner.”  Commissioner Gordon turned to look out to the night sky.  “So how have you been feeling Batman, “ asked Commissioner Gordon?  There was no answer from Batman.  When Commissioner Gordon turned around he was alone.

The End