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Monday, September 28, 2009

Update time. Making progress in the costume area. I've added pictures of my final Azbat helmet maquette in the costume section. I hope to jump to foam and start the real thing soon. Also I hope work out the final Azbat gloves. I'll keep you all in the loop. Did some more tweaking to the products section. That's all for now Azheads!






Monday, September 21, 2009

Update time. Had to get rid of the Knightfall radio once and for all. The quality wasn't that great to begin with, plus you can buy it on high quality CD at Amazon for cheap! Removed some dead links. More tweaking on the overall site. That's all for now Azheads!






Saturday, September 12, 2009

Update time. I've tweaked the making of sections by adding more artwork to the Joe and Sergio interviews. Added Bane Memorabilia to products and finished that section. Added a new link. Tweaked little things that were bugging me. That's all for now Azheads!






Friday, September 9, 2009

Hello again Azheads, it's time for another major update! The interview with Dennis O' Neil is posted and what a great read it is. Lots of revealing facts and history on our favorite hero Azrael. With Denny's interview up, I'm proud to say another section on this site, The Making of, is finally finished! I'll still be updating other sections of the site such as news and costumes. This is a big day for the Azrael Knightfall site! I hope all you Azheads enjoy! Let me know what you think! That's all for now Azheads!






Friday, September 4, 2009

The return of Knightfall Radio! Yes thats right, Knightfall Radio has returned! Again you can listen to the full Knightfall Audio Play! In the coming weeks there will be a higher quality single file upload. Until then enjoy the low quality uploads in four different sections. You must have Windows Media Player to play these files. That's all for now Azheads!






Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another update Azheads. I've added a Community Blog now. You now have two ways to communicate through this site. That's all for now Azheads!






Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another update Azheads. I've done some more cleaning up and adding bits here and there. A few new sites in the links section including one I'm sure you'll all love. You can now view every Knightfall comic online! I also put a link to Wikipedia's explanation on the whole Knightfall saga. In the coming weeks I'll be adding more photos in the products section. Still working on some other surprises. Just to remind you that the Shop has been updated. You can now get your own copy of the Knightfall audio play on Compact Disc. Tomorrow's Nostalgia still has Joe Quesada Azbats posters as well as the Kelly Jones Azbats poster from the Batman #500 promotion. Lots of figures and comics in the ebay parts. Added several new wallpapers to the downloads section. Added more Joe Quesada art to that section. Updated the products section. I also have added a guestbook, as a recommendation from Daven at the Azrael Agent of the Bat site! Now you can send me requests, ideas, or death threats! Let me know how much you love or hate this site. That's all for now Azheads!






Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's been a long time Az-heads. Time for a little update. As you can see we've moved from geocities to ANGELFIRE (How appropriate)! I've added some new pictures in the products and pictures pages. I have started to clean up the site a little, as well as trying to redesign it. The Shop links are updated for those of you who were trying to find the Knightfall audio play on CD as well as getting your hands on that elusive Joe Quesada Knightsend poster! On another note, it seems DC is stirring things up by creating another character called Azrael. From my understanding of the character, it is an off shoot from the whole Saint Dumas background. The character has a new costume called "The suit of sorrows" which includes parts from Jean Paul Valley's Azbat gloves! Apparently he recieved this from DC's character Manhunter. Interesting to see that DC wants the Azrael character back. Don't know if this NEW Azrael is going to stack up to Jean Paul Valley's, but it's interesting to see DC thinks there is stock left in the character. DC has already included this Death's Darkest Knight Azrael in it's Battle For The Cowl storyarc. Who knows if this Azrael will get outta hand and again cause problems for Bruce Wayne. On another note, I'm heavy researching making the Knightsend Azbats costume. I want to be sure everything is in place before I start the actual sculpt. I contacted an old friend to help me with this. As I am totally obsessed with the helmet, that is what I'm starting on first. I also will be putting up an Azrael checklist page soon so you can get all the comics that feature Azrael and/or Azbats! I recently discovered that Azbats was featured in more than one issue of DC's short lived CHAIN GANG WAR. That's all for now Azheads!






Saturday, March 15, 2002

Hi there Az-heads! Time for another update. Well it looks like it's time to bid farewell to our hero Azrael. Issue #100 was released on the 12th of of March, and I must say what an explosive issue! Things certainly have come full circle for Azrael. He has beaten his programming, proven himself to the Bat-family, and destroyed the evil that has plagued his life. Now Jean Paul Valley is free. I enjoyed following his adventures, as well as keeping this site up. Even though the Azrael character has been ended, I will still enjoy collecting Azrael memorabilia. I will also keep this site up as a place for information on Azrael and Knightfall. I thank the creators of Azrael, Dennis O' Neil and Joe Quesada for bringing us such a great character. I can't think of anything else to say except: "KNOW THAT MEN CALL YOU LIAR, KNOW THAT MEN CALL YOU BETRAYER, KNOW THAT MEN CALL YOU DEFILER! THEREFORE, IT IS THE DUTY OF THE ANGEL AZRAEL TO BRING YOU PUNISHMENT!" That's all for now Az-heads!






Tuesday, October 22, 2002

Hello Az-heads! Time for another update. It seems things just get better here at the Knightfall site. I am pleased to anounce our second interview posted in the making section. This time around we interview Sergio Cariello, the most recent artist to take up the helm of Azrael! Also Sergio has provided this site with an exclusive piece of Azrael art! As Sergio has joined our Knightfall community, his official website is in the links section! So head on over to his site to check out some awesome artwork! And don't forget to check out that interview with Sergio, its really informative. Sergio even goes into the steps of what it takes to make our favorite comic! That's all for now Az-heads!






Monday, October 21, 2002

Hail Azrael fans! I am back with another major update!  I have updated the making section to feature our first interview with one of the two Azrael creators, Joe Quesada. Lots of interesting things in the interview were answered. Even some things you might not have known. It was great for Joe to take time out of his busy schedule at Marvel to do this interview. There are some new photos included with the interview, including the redesigning of the Azbats costume.  There was a rumor that Joe was gonna do the cover of the final Azrael issue #100.  Joe, infact did not get contacted about doing the cover.  The interview with the other creator of Azrael, Dennis O' Neil is still pending. Dennis recently suffered a heart attack, and had to have an operation. We wish Dennis well, and may God bless him and his family.  Soon the making section will be complete and I will concentrate on giving the site a new, more organized look.  I have added Joe Quesada's Official site to the links section. Since Azrael will indeed end at issue #100, I will not have many more major updates.  If there is anything new about Azrael, you can bet that it will be posted on this site.  Keep checking back for more Azrael info.  That's all for now Az-heads!







Sunday, April 21 2002

The Return of Azbats!  You heard me right, in the upcoming Azrael and Batman titles, Jean Paul becomes Azbats again!  There are rumors and such that are about the Azrael comic being canceled and what not.  To read these such rumors follow this link.  The site has a great interview, so check it out.  Anyway, we are updating the radio section as well.  Apparently Knightfall radio was taken off the air by, so we will upgrade JCNR Radio and have some great stuff on there.  The Links page has been updated as well with a few new links.  I have put on hold the Making and Costume sections of this site, but they will be updated soon.  I will be adding a new section called Sith's Corner, where my friend and Co-webmaster will have his views on Azrael, as well as other things.  If the rumors are true that Azrael will die, then fear not, this site will still be here.  Azrael is my favorite comic, and I intend to keep it alive with this site.  Well until next update, I say see you soon fellow Azheads.








Sunday, July 8, 2001

Hiya Az-fans, I have some more updates.  I am still trying to start my work on the Azarmor.  As soon as I have something interesting to post on the costumes, I will have photos.  I have also started writing an alternate ending to Knightsend, as well as an alternate Azrael continuing story.  The new section, Fan Fiction, is up with an exerpt from this story.  Soon the whole story will be there.  Keep checking back for the story.  Also the links has been updated with a really cool Azrael site called "the System" so visit that site as soon as possible.  I hope to also have some of Joe Quesada's designs for Azbats up soon, so keep checking back.  Well that is all for now Az-heads.  Peace.







Sunday, June 24, 2001

Hello Az-fans!  I am back with an update!  I am taking up a new hobby soon, mask making and I will attempt to make an Azbats costume, complete with all the armor.  I want to do this the right way, so I will probably be working with latex foam.  Hopefully it will turn out to be "movie quality."  I will keep you updated on the progress, on our new section, Azrael Costumes!  This section will have mine, as well as everyone elses attempts to make Azarmor!  We have one photo in there now, but I still have to find out who made it.  When I do, he will be credited properly.  Anyway, keep checking back for more Az-information.  Hopefully my attempts at the azrael armor will be good.  Wish me luck!






Thursday, May 31, 2001

Besides the few graphics on the intro page, there has been a few updates on this site.  The products site has been updated with more pictures and items.  I've also added the other picture section to this site, that contains artwork done by artists other than Joe Quesada.  This section will feature Azrael's many outfits, as well as some miscellaneous artwork of Azrael.  Keep an eye out for more Az-news and site updates.  You may go about your business, az I keep this site updated!






Thursday, May 24, 2001

Az-heads, we have some new updates including Azrael's shop!  This new section will list places that you may purchase Azrael memorabilia, that is listed on the products checklist!  Rest assured I'll find more places to buy Az-Items, but until then keep checking back.  I also changed the picture section to Joe Quesada pictures, becaue I may add non-Quesada art to this site as well in a new section.  The products list has also been updated, so take a look.  That is all the updates I have for now.  You will come back, becaue Azrael commands it!





Saturday, May 19, 2001

Yeah!  This site is rockin' with new updates!  As you may already now, we have a new graphic overhaul.  Besides that the products section has been extensively updated, with graphics and more products!  I should be adding new sections soon, so look out for that.  Keep checking back for more updates! 




Friday, May 18, 2001

Howdy Bat-fans and Az-fans we got some new updates today!  The first of which is a place to buy the Knightfall Audio Play in the UK!  It's the only place I could find to actually purchase it, since its out of print in the U.S.  If your still interested, the link is in the links section.  Also we have lots of new downloads, including a No Man's Land desktop theme!  There are a few New Azrael wallpapers in there too, so check that out!  I have also updated the products section with the cover of the Young Readers version of Knightfall!  Well that's all for now, Stay tuned!




Thursday, May 17, 2001


Hello agian.  We got some new files in the downloads section.  There is a new Azrael desktop theme, as well as a Scooby-Doo theme.  Soon I will probably be adding a new section that has to do with the famous secret BATMAN SUMMIT meetings!  If I can get enough info and interview most of who was involved, it'll be a great!  Well until next time.  Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!





Thursday, May 10, 2001

Alrighty, we have our second update here at the Web of Chaos!!! Hooray!  Well a few new things up.  The products section is up and we have some cool links to some very cool sites up.  One of my most favorites is the Batman Crossover page, which goes into detail of the plot of the entire Knightfall saga.  Also the pictures section is up with lots of Joe Quesada artwork!!  In the downloads section I have an Azbats desktop theme, so check that out!  There is also an Automan TV show desktop theme if you liked that show in the 80's.  Well thats all the news for now, Bat-later!




Tuesday, May 8, 2001

Welcome to the Web of Chaos!!! We are now officially online!  I will constantly be updating, So please bare with me.  I am a huge Batman/Azrael fan so lots of this site will be dedicated to the Knightfall saga.  I am also a big Star Wars fan.  I have a gaming group called JCNR, the Jedi Council of the New Republic, so if ya want to check that out, its in the links section.  Soon I will have the products section up where you will see what exactly came out during the whole Knightfall saga. If you know of any more that aren't on the list, then please contact me at  I also have the OUT OF PRINT Knightfall Audio Play on RadioSpy so check that out! Soon this site will be full of stuff.  Thank you for visiting my site. Enjoy, Azrael commands it!